19 Nov 2015

Ballyhass Lakes Stop Video

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Great video showing the action from the Ballyhass Lakes stop of the Neff Grassroots Tour.

29 Oct 2015

Liverpool Results

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What a great day we had at Liverpool Wake Park for the final stop of the 2015 Neff Grassroots Tour. Over 50 riders entered and here are the full results:

Junior Rookie
1st Tom Parry
2nd Lilly Holt
3rd Patrick Bent
4th Harry Kirkland
5th Sierna Skipper

Ladies Rookies
1st Lydia Lake
2nd Aimee Ward
3rd Sharron Skipper
4th Sasha Glover

Mens Rookie
1st David Knott
2nd Mikey Pinder
3rd David Simm
4th Ash Welsh
5th Scott Walklate
6th Jan Smerhovsky Read more

21 Oct 2015

Hove Lagoon Results

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Here are the full results from Hove Lagoon

1st: Ethan Chave
2nd: Aran Chave
3rd: Kiaran Chave

Junior Rookies
1st: Joe Taylor
2nd: Alexander Pritchard
3rd: Charlie Cooper
4th: Toby Rice
5th: Kiaran Chave
6th: Sirena Allen

Junior Intermediate
1st: Ethan Chave
2nd: Sam York
3rd: Aran Chave Read more

14 Oct 2015

South Coast H2o Results

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Here are all the results from South Coast H2o. Only one more stop left for this region!


1. Charlie Cooper
2. Alexandra Pritchard
3. Kairan Chave
4. Caven Bull
5. Alex Wallis
6. Jasmin Wallis
7. Josh Horner

Ladies Rookies
1. Lydia Lake
2. Mia Cooper
3. Emily Robertson

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11 Oct 2015

Ballyhass Results, Final Stop of the Irish Region

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Junior Rookie
1. Oscar Eardly
2. Alec Rice
3. Jude O’Regan
4. Guilerme Rodrigues
5. Sean Eardly

Mens Rookies
1. Gavin Nolan
2. Ben O’Flynn
3. Keelan O’Sullivan
4. Kieran Healy

Junior Intermediates
1. Michael Collins
2. Ali Lynch
3. Mathew Sorensen
4. Ella Brady

Ladies Intermediate
1. Sally Gillespie
2. Niamh O’Reilly
3. Claire Lynn
4. Kate Fair
5. Cat Robertson Read more

07 Oct 2015

Foxlake Results

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Foxlake team
Foxlake Adventures hosted a brilliant stop of the Neff Grassroots Tour on Saturday. Over 46 riders entered and battled it out for the podium positions. The sun was shinning and there was a great vibe on the docks and at the park.

Junior Rookie
1st: Edward Nightingale – Just Wake
2nd: Fraser Grant – Foxlake
3rd: Ethan Burns – Foxlake
4th: Bea Riemersma – Foxlake
5th: Patrick Bent – Foxlake
6th: Harry Kirkland – Just Wake
7th: Orla Winn – Foxlake
8th: Orla Gibson – Foxlake
9th: Alexander Thomson – Foxlake
10th: Findlay Grant – Foxlake
11th: Conor Burns – Foxlake
12th: Amy McHardy – Foxlake
13th: Matlida Littlejohn – Glasgow

Ladies Rookie
1st: Elly Douglas Hamilton – Foxlake
2nd: Meg Maitland – Foxlake
3rd: Eilidh Mark-White – Foxlake
4th: Holly McDonald – Foxlake
5th: Jill Kynoch – Foxlake Read more

30 Sep 2015

Ireland Region Tour Finals Promo Video

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We can’t wait for this Saturday at Ballyhass Lakes. It is the last stop in the Ireland Region and we will be crowning all the Irish Champions on the day!

Ballyhass made this amazing video to help get you buzzing for the final stop! We love it.

Good luck to all the riders on Saturday.

27 Sep 2015

Blackpool Wake Park Results

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Blackpool Wake Park hosted a lovely stop of the Neff Grassroots Tour on Saturday and the beautiful sun and warm weather even came and said hello! Here are the full results:

Junior Rookie
1st Josh Baird
2nd William Haresceugh
3rd Max Hamilton Radcliffe
IMG_3486 Read more

21 Sep 2015

Salford Stop Cancelled

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We are really sorry to tell you that this weekends stop at Salford Wake Park, in the North Region has been cancelled. Salford Wake Park have blue algae back and unfortunately they have had to close, which is totally fair play.

After some confusion, the stop at Blackpool Wake Park on Saturday 26th September is going ahead. To book please contact Blackpool Wake Park on info@blackpoolwakepark.com or 01253 836543

See you all at Blackpool.

For any riders who had planned on travelling to the North for the weekend and entering both the stops, if you want to go and ride at Liverpool Wake Park on Sunday, you can book sessions for £15. Just call the wake park (closed on Monday) and quote ‘Grassroots Tour’. You can then book some sessions. You will have to be quick if you want to do this, as Sunday is already well over half way booked up.

20 Sep 2015

Glasgow Wake Park Results – North Region Stop 4

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Thanks to all the crew at Glasgow Wake Park for hosting a great stop of the Neff Grassroots Tour on Saturday. Here are the full results:

Junior Rookie
1st Archie LittleJohn
2nd Griff Cleary
3rd Alice Wilson
4th Ruari O’Hara
5th Matilda LittleJohn
6th Jamie Morrison

Ladies Rookie
1st Julie Doncaster
2nd Holly McDonald
3rd Theano Panogopoulou
4th Rachel Edwards Read more