12 Oct 2016

Glasgow Wake Park Results

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Here are the full results from a great days riding at Glasgow Wake Park.

Junior Rookie
1st: Zoe Wilson – Hannams
2nd: Ripley Felix Leach – Keys Cable Fl
3rd: Finley Peers – Foxlake
4th: Max Gray – Foxlake
5th: Archie Littlejohn – Glasgow
6th: Tilly Littlejohn – Glasgow
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11 Oct 2016

Foxlake Tour Stop, Video Highlights

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A great video from Foxlakes Adventures, showing all the action from their stop.

Grassroots Wakeboard Tour | Foxlake from Last Light Films on Vimeo.

02 Oct 2016

Results from Hove Lagoon Stop

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Here are the full results from the final stop of the Southern Region, 2016 Grassroots Tour at Hove Lagoon Watersports.

Junior Rookie
1st: Toby Spendley
2nd: Ellie Kirby
3rd: Ryan Thayne
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30 Sep 2016

Results from South Coast H20

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Here are the full results from a great stop at South Coast H20. Huge thanks to all the staff and crew for hosting the day and all the riders.
Pictures by Simon Pilley

Junior Rookie
1st: Caven Bull – South Coast WP
2nd: Ellie Kirby – Quays
3rd: Izzy Anderson – WM Ski
4th: Harry Barnhoft – South Coast WP
5th: Harry Kirkward – Hannams
6th: Fletcher Williams – South Coast WP
7th: Madeline Williams – South Coast WP
8th: Tom Chamberlain – South Coast WP
9th: Olina Owen-Young – WM Ski

Junior Intermediate
1st: Massie Mackenzie – Hove Lagoon
2nd: Charlie Cooper – Quays
3rd: Kairan Chave – JB Ski
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27 Sep 2016

Foxlake Results

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Here are all the results from Foxlake.
Congrats to all the riders who entered, it was a great turnout, with over 50 riders.

Junior Rookie
1st: Zoe Wilson
2nd: Lilly Holt
3rd: Finlay Grant
4th: Max Wilson
5th: Finlay Peers
6th: Max Gray
7th: Jamie still
8th: Alex Thomson
9th: Nicholas Brown
10th: Jamie wilson
11th: Robbie Still
12th: Daniel Burns
13th: Glen Morgan
14th: Jacob Jolly
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23 Sep 2016

Wake Dock Results

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Here are the full results from Wake Dock.

Junior Rookies:
1. Oscar Eardley, Wakedock
2. Guilherme Rodrigues, Wakedock
3. Ross Molloy, Wakedock
4. Shea O’Rourke, Wakedock
5. Georgia Lester, Wakedock
6. Alec McCann, Wakedock
7. Ben Lester, Wakedock
8. Niall Murray, Wakedock

Junior Intermediates:
1. Matthew Sorensen, Wakedock
2. Ali Lynch, Wakedock
3. Ethan Ballard, Wakedock
4. Diarmuid Sullivan, Ballyhass
5. Ella Brady, Ballyhass
6. Cameron Lambert, Ballyhass
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23 Sep 2016

Together, A Sesitec Short

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We are very proud to have Sesitec as the exclusive towing device for the Grassroots Tour. This company is pushing our sport to new levels all the time. Make sure you watch this short movie about the Sesitec Heavy Duty System 2.0 and their team travelling all over the world.

TOGETHER. A Sesitec Short from SESITEC on Vimeo.

19 Sep 2016

Salford Wake Park Results

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The Indian Summer is really blessing the Grassroots Tour this year. The sun and flat water was out in force again on Sunday for the Grassroots Tour at Salford Wake Park. Huge thanks go out to Matt and Tom from Salford Wake Park, for hosting the day.

Junior Rookie
1st: Zoe Wilson – Hannams Wake Hub
2nd: Lilly Holt – Liverpool Wake Park
3rd: Jonny Webster – Liverpool Wake Park
4th: Finlay Peers – Foxlake
5th: Harry Berry – Salford Wake Park
6th: Max Gray – Foxlake
7th: Sienna Skipper – Liverpool Wake Park
8th: Ben Millington – Salford Wake Park
9th: Nathan John Bangura – Salford Wake Park
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19 Sep 2016

Blackpool Wake Park Stop – Full Results

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Here are the full results from Blackpool Wake Park.
Thanks to the Thompson family for hosting the day at their wake park and to the weather Gods, who gave us sun and flat water all day!

Junior Rookie
1st: Lilly Holt
2nd: Joshua Pawson
3rd: Zoe Wilson
4th: Charlie Quinn-Jones
5th: Will Summer
6th: Max Gray
7th: Finlay Peers
8th: Theo Bevan
9th: Sienna Skipper
10th: Eloise Sharrock
11th: Max Radcliffe
12th: Amy Foreshaw
13th: Oliver Quinn Jones
14th: Layla Coban
15th: Abdulla Coban
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19 Sep 2016

Wake Lake Results

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Here are the full results from Wake Lake.

Junior Rookie
1st: Liam Howden – Wake Lake
2nd: Zoe Wilson – Hannams
3rd: Myles Higgins – Wake Lake
4th: Sienna Skipper – Liverpool
5th: Jamie Wilson – Hannams

Ladies Rookie
1st: Sharon Skipper – Liverpool
2nd: Debs Lord – Wake Lake
3rd: Aimee Ward – Liverpool
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