28 Sep 2014

GRT Media Contest Entry from South Coast H20

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Here is Henry Tang’s entry to the Grassroots Tour Media Contest.

Submit a video and you are in with a chance to a Contour camera and get paid £250 to go and film the final stop! Click here for more info

24 Sep 2014

Results – Northern Region, Blackpool Wake Park, 20th September

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Here are the results from the first stop of the Northern region series hosted by one of the UK’s original System 2.0 parks, Blackpool Wake Park. Thanks to the Blackpool crew for hosting an awesome day and well done to all of you guys who turned out in force and threw down in a major way! Make sure you all make the other stops where you can – next up, Fox Lake, Scotland on 18th October

Mens Open
1st: Alex Brandwood
2nd: Harley Somerville
3rd: Rikki Baird

Ladies Open
1st: Jessie Knight
2nd: Bella Thompson
3rd: Alice Nightingale
4th: Suzi Nightingale

Junior Open
1st: Blair Fraser
2nd: Callum Boyd
3rd: Brandon Trumble

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24 Sep 2014

Wake Scope

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Get the WakeScope app for free stay dialled into every major wake event across the world, including the GRT!

UK Wakeboarding legend, Stewart Mackie and his right hand man, Tony French, have come up with an incredible app to keep you all in the loop with every major series of wake contests across the globe including the Grassroots Tour. Just download the app for free and set up your profile to be able to follow events live, check info leading up to and get the lowdown afterwards.

Download WakeScope here!

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23 Sep 2014

Des Sterland entry to GRT Media Contest, shot at Blackpool Wake Park Stop

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Many thanks to Des Sterland for his video entry into the Grassroots Media Contest. Des will be hoping to win a Contour Camera at the end of the season!

For full details on the Grassroots Media Contest, click here.

This was filmed at Stop 1 of the North Region, which was held at Blackpool Wake Park

Grassroot Tour BWP 2014 Competition Entry from des sterland on Vimeo.

23 Sep 2014

The WakeBox entry to GRT Media Contest, filmed at Cliff Lakes.

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The WakeBox team have entered a short video into the Grassroots Media Contest. They will hoping to win a Contour Camera at the end of the season!

For full details on the Grassroots Media Contest, click here.

This was filmed at Stop 3 of the Midlands and East Region, which was held at Cliff Lakes (West Midlands Waterski Centre)


18 Sep 2014

Results from Kernow – 13th September

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Here are the full results from the GRT stop at Kernow. This went down on the 13th of September and is part of the South West region. Well done to everyone who entered, it was a fantastic day with a great atmosphere.

Mens Open
1st: Jack Constable
2nd: Max Reigbert
3rd: Joeseph Bastian
4th: John Busby
5th: David Crowsley
6th: Owen Pick

Ladies Open
1st: Katy Roberts
2nd: Katy Jollie Fry-Taylor

Junior Open
1st: Alfie Constable
2nd: Barnes Yorke-Davies

Mens Intermediates
1st: Alex Money
2nd: Jason Naysmith
3rd: Luke Zorad
4th: Christian pargeter
5th: Henry Wahl
6th: Sam humphries
7th: Chris Jones
8th: Paul Groves

Mens Rookies
1st: Sam Foster
2nd: Christopher Gunn
3rd: Peter James
4th: David Emery

Ladies Rookie
1st: Chloe Findlay
2nd: Kay Ransom
3rd: Jessica Grove
4th: Becca Hernandez
5th: Saskie Autumn

Junior Rookie
1st: Bradley Allen
2nd: Buddy Wahl
3rd: Jack Rettalack
4th: Saba Yorke-Davies

1st: Joe Constable
2nd: James Bellamy
3rd: Sam Humphries

1st: Joseph Bastien
2nd: Luke Zorab
3rd: Sam Humphries

17 Sep 2014

Write Up & pics from the Final Stop of the Midlands & East Region at Just Wake

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Just Wake Park rounds off the Midlands & East Tour

It was back up to Tattershall Country Park to hook up with the Just Wake Park crew for the final stop of the Midlands & East region and their second stop of the year. If you’ve not been to Just Wake then it’s definitely worth a visit with one of the most varied feature set-ups in the country, including a Unit Pipe, Industry transfer box, Unit Quarter Pipe and the usual set of Industry kickers, boxes and inclines. So much fun to be had across both their System’s which are also poppy as anything for all your air trick needs.

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16 Sep 2014

Write Up & Pics from Stop 2 of the Midlands & East Region – Hannam’s Wake Hub

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Hannam’s Wake Hub joins the Grassroots Tour Party


It’s only fitting that a crew of the most passionate wakeboard and skate fans should have their own park to help pass on this passion. It also, therefore, makes complete sense that this same crew should be apart of the entity that is pushing, promoting and growing the sport more than any other here in the UK, the Grassroots Tour. Well this very situation arrived when Ben, Jess and Terry Hannam, those folks behind the wondrous park that is Hannam’s Wake Hub, hosted their first ever stop of the Grassroots Tour in June.

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10 Sep 2014

Midlands and East overall results!

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Midlands and East overalls

GRT 14-Results & Rankings_Midlands & East-Final Final

08 Sep 2014

Results from Just Wake (6th of September)

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Here are the full results from the GRT stop at Just Wake. This went down on the 6th of September and is part of the Midlands & East region – This stop also doubled up as the finals of this region. Well done to everyone who entered, it was a fantastic day with an awesome atmosphere.

Mens Rookies
1st: Peter Severein
2nd: Will Smith
3rd: Mark Fitzsimmons
4th: Sean Murfit
5th: James Stevens
6th: Adi Ducker
7th: Bryan Dunkley

Mens Intermediates
1st: Luke Allen
2nd: Ed firth
3rd: Dan Gordon

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