25 Aug 2014

Results from North Devon Wake Park, 16th August

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Here are the full results from North Devon on the 16th of August.
This was the 2nd stop from the South West Region of the 2014 Grassroots Tour

Junior Rookies

1st: Joseph Humphries
2nd:Oscar Dryacott
3rd: Buddy Wahl
4th: George Robinson
5th: Stanley
6th: Tom Beard

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13 Aug 2014

Write up and photos from Just Wake 10th May

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It has been a crazy few months on the wakeboard calendar. Not only has there only been a multitude of awesome events on the GRT but we’ve had Wakestock, Cable and Boat Nationals and Cable Europeans. Add to this a couple of new additions to the Industry family, both Tim and Matt welcoming their first sprogs to the world, and you have a back log of getting photos and stories from the tour out to you.

We are up to date and are no going to be drip feeding short content and all photos from the tour so far, getting you up to speed over the next couple of weeks!

Grass Roots Tour Stop 1
Just Wake Park, 10th May ‘14
Just Wake Park kick the Grass Roots season off

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 13.23.13

The weekend of the 10/11th May was a great stat to the season at Tattershall. A full weekend of riding was on with the Rider League boat contest on the Saturday and the first stop of the 2014 Grass Roots Tour on the Sunday.

43 riders turned up to ride, braving all the elements, for the start to the second Grass Roots Tour season. Luckily, the System 2.0 set-up at Just Wake is pretty sheltered and so didn’t suffer from the full on winds as the boat contest lake did. The wind and some showers aside, the riders pushed themselves hard all day, in the Grass Roots pro coaching sessions in place at every tour stop. Pros CK and Lee Debuse taking doing an expert job with every single rider, getting them ready for the afternoon’s competition.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 13.23.17

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12 Aug 2014

Pre event info: Tour Stop 2 South West Region at North Devon Wake Park

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2014 Grassroots Tour

Stop 2 South West Region

North Devon Wake Park

Saturday 16th August

This Saturday newest wake park in the UK and 300th System 2.0 installation in the world, North Devon Wake Park, will host the second stop of the South West region on the 2014 Grassroots tour

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12 Aug 2014

Results from WMSKI, 5th July

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Here are the full results from Quayside on the 29th of June.
This was the 1st stop from the South West Region of the 2014 Grassroots Tour

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 15.37.50

Mens Veterans
1st: Stephen Newton

Mens Rookie
1st: Mark Muir
2nd: Dave Knott

Ladies Open
1st: Steph Caller
2nd: Heather Mcnamee
3rd: Nat Robinson
4th: Kay Ramson

1st: Will Newton
2nd: Bill Williams
3rd: Joe Read more

12 Aug 2014

Results from Quayside Wake & Ski, 29th June

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Here are the full results from Quayside on the 29th of June.
This was the 2nd stop from the London & south Region of the 2014 Grassroots Tour


Mens Wakeskate
1st: Luca Kidd
2nd: Nick Druce
3rd: Matt Muncey

1st: Mark osound
2nd: Paul Muncey

Junior Open
1st: Matt Muncey
2nd: Luca Kidd

Mens Rookie
1st: Stu Walsy
2nd: Will Smith
3rd: Phillip Alexander
4th: Bryan Dunkley
5th: Ben Huntsman

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23 Jul 2014

WM Ski video from the first stop of the South West Region by Kay Ranson Photography

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Many Thanks to Kay Ranson Photography for this entry into our Grassroots Tour Media Contest. Kay is now in with a great chance to win a Contour and paid job to come and document the Grassroots Tour Finals at Glasfryn Wake Parc.

This video is from the WM Ski stop of the Grassroots Tour, South West Region.

Grass Roots Tour – WMSki from Kaymr on Vimeo.

03 Jul 2014

Pre event info: Tour Stop 1 South West Region at WMSKI

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2014 Grassroots Tour

Stop 1 South West Region


Saturday 5th July

This Saturday the brand new System 2.0 park at WMSki will host the first stop of the South West region on the 2014 Grassroots tour.

Key Info

Practice starts at 10am
Competition starts at approximately
Entry cost is £35
Entry includes practice and coaching throughout the day before the contest
All competitors need to be members of British Waterski & Wakeboard which start from £10

Sign up the ‘Direct Rider League Membership’ at this link http://www.bwsw.org.uk/membership/membership-fees/

Pro coaching and demos: British Team Coach and former national champ CK Koester and the usual expert tuition provided by WMSki crew.


For more info and to register please contact WMSki:


01285 897493

NB – Spaces are limited so please don’t leave it till the day to get yourself registered or you might miss out.

This year the regional rankings have some amazing prizes for the top three ranked riders in each division of the regional contests. Hannam’s Wake Hub is part of the Midlands & East region, which includes Ten80, Wake Lake, WMSki & Just Wake.

28 Jun 2014

Results from WakeDock, Dublin, 14th June

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Here are the full results from WakeDock on 14th June
This was the 1st stop from the Irish Region of the 2014 Grassroots Tour

1st: Ben Kennedy
2nd: Shea O’Rourke
3rd: Elizabeth Kennedy

Mens Rookies
1st: Taran Kelly
2nd: Ciaran Oglesby
3rd: Caelan Donna
4rd: Eoghan McCarthy
5th: Niall Duggan
6th: James Jones
7th: Callum Hallinan
8th: Gary O’Donoghue

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28 Jun 2014

Results From Hannams Wake Hub, 14th June

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Here are the full results from Hannams Wake Hub stop on 14th June
This was the 2nd stop of the Midlands & East Region.

1st: Jason Constable
2nd: Rene Overmeer
3rd: Andrew Nightingale
4th: Matt Mepham

Mens Rookies
1st: Will Smith
2nd: Will Bailey
3rd: Sully Biggs
4th: Bryn Dunkley
5th: Mark Fitzsimmons
6th: Sean Murfitt
7th: Pieter Severein
8th: Chris Bacon Read more

26 Jun 2014

Grassroots Tour Media Competition with Contour Cameras

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Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 18.00.20

The Grassroots Tour Supported by British Waterski & Wakeboard is proud to announce: 

Grassroots Tour Media Competition with Contour Cameras

With 21 stops of Grassroots tour action taking place throughout the UK and Ireland for 2014, we need to make sure all the action is recorded. So, with a mind to capturing all the insane progression this tour and the System 2.0 park revolution is enabling, Industry Wake Parks is on the hunt for the most talented wake photographers and videographers out there and we’ll be offering the chosen ones the chance to snap and film the final stop of the tour as our official media crew, all expenses with £250 for your trouble.

The winner will also receive a brand new Contour +2 Camera!

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 18.00.31

How to enter:

1) Get yourself along to one or more of our 2014 Grassroots Tour Stops. Click here for dates
2) Choose to snap pics or film the day, or both.
3) Pick out your best 20 shots that make the day look as awesome as we know it will be
4) Or, if filming, do the same with a short video edit (no more than 3 minutes long)
5) Add your photos and videos to your Facebook page tagging Grassroots Tour and Industry Wake Parks
6) Also, email us on grassroots@industrywakeparks.co.uk with links to your pics and videos so we can be sure to check them out properly
7) We’ll be selecting, posting and promoting those that stand out throughout the tour and finally, at the end of October from all the submissions, we’ll select the guys or girls that we want as the Grassroots official media crew joining us for the final stop
8) Everyone who submits photos or a video will win prizes from our sponsors if their media is shared on our website. So basically if we like your content you will be winning goodies from Sesitec, Industry Wake Parks, Jobe and many more!

The Winner:

From all the footage we receive over the year. We will pick a winner and this lucky winner will get the following:
- Brand New Contour +2 Camera
- Be paid £250 plus travel expenses to go to the Tour Finals at Glasfryn on 1st November and film or photograph the event

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 18.00.27