01 Jul 2015

Win A Kicker Rankings – 1st July

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The 2015 Neff Grassroots Tour is now well underway.
All riders gain ranking points for themselves and their home wake park.
The wake park who has the most points at the end of the tour will win an Industry Wake Parks large kicker.

The positions so far are:
1st: North Devon Wake Park – 2396 points
2nd: JB Ski – 1898 points
3rd: Ballyhass Lakes – 1854 points
4th: Quays Wake & Ski – 1355 points

Please note these points do not include the Hannams Wake Hub stop, as we are still awaiting the results being sent in. As soon as we have them, we will update the rankings.

The full points can be seen here.


01 Jul 2015

North Devon Results, South Region Stop 4

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Wow! What an amazing day at North Devon Wake Park. Massive thanks to the staff and wake park for hosting one of the best stops yet on the tour. Over 55 people entered and here are the full results:

Junior Rookies
1st: Kairan Chave JB
2nd: Stan Hill ND
3rd: Josh Dobie ND
4th: Christian Seymour ND
5th: Summer Matthews ND
6th: Ben Andrews ND
7th: Scarlet Seymour ND
8th: Jaz Wallis ND
ND jui roo

Ladies Rookies
1st: Olivia Newitt ND
2nd: Lydia Lake SC
3rd: Sarah Barkway ND
ND ladies roo

Mens Rookies
1st: Scotty Lawerence ND
2nd: Dave Knott SC
3rd: Tommy Newns ND
4th: Alex Bowden Wake MK
5th: Billy Parr ND
6th: Harry Constable ND
ND men rookie Read more

25 Jun 2015

Quays Wake & Ski Results, South Region Stop 2

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Here are the full results from the second stop of the South Region on the Neff Grassroots Tour.

1st – Aran Chave
2nd – Troy Viner
3rd – Harry Byrne
4th – Ethan Chave
5th – Nick Druce
6th – Kiaran Chave

Ladies Rookies
1st – Issy Knight
2nd – Mia Cooper
3rd – Faye Brennan
4th – Jennifer Overall

Junior Rookie
1st – Charlie Cooper
2nd – Alex Pritchard
3rd – Kiaran Chave Read more

25 Jun 2015

JB Ski Results – South Region Stop 1

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Here are the full results from JB Ski. Which was the first stop of the South Region in the Neff Grassroots Tour.

1st – Jamie Hewson
2nd – Troy Viner
3rd – Ethan Chave
4th – Kiaran Chave
5th – Aran Chave

Ladies Rookies
1st – Mia Cooper
2nd – Jennifer Overall
3rd – Kay Ransom

Ladies Open
1st Emily
2nd Morganne Shone Read more

02 Jun 2015

Awake Festival Course Models

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Glasfryn Wake Parc will host the Awake Festival on 10th to 12th July. There is a music festival, camping, stop of the Grassroots Tour and a Pro Rail Comp. We have got some models which show the course layouts. The Grassroots Tour will take place on the 3rd System 2.0 and the Pro Rail Comp will take place on the 2nd System 2.0.

Check out the course models here:

£5,000 Pro Rail Comp System 2.0 Setup:

Awake Pro Comp 002

Grassroots Tour System 2.0 Setup:

Awake GRT 003

Read more

02 Jun 2015

Ballyhass Lakes Results, Ireland Region Stop 1

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Wow, what a great weekend we had at Ballyhass Lakes. Thanks so much to Eddie, Eoghan and all their crew for hosting a brilliant stop of the Grassroots Tour. This stop was a full on weekend of wakeboarding antics and everyone loved it. Pretty much all the riders stayed for the entire weekend and it was amazing vibes and good times. Big congrats must go to all the riders, because the standard was so high in all divisions!

Pictures from Nicolette Spelic.


Here are the full results:

Mens Rookie
1st Richard Lee
2nd Ian O’Sullivan
3rd Julian Hayes
4th Daniel Greene

Junior Rookie
1st Michael Collins
2nd Julian Zebedee
3rd Ali Lynch
4th Sam Collins

Ladies Rookie
1st Tara O’Reily
2nd Clare Lynn
3rd Ellie Galvin
4th Elleyvn Irwin
5th Suzanne Reidy
6th Mary Ryan
7th Fionnula Duffin
8th Kerstin Moll Read more

22 May 2015

Just Wake Stop – Awesome Drone Footage

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Wow, look at this awesome drone footage from the first stop of the 2015 Grassroots Tour.

14 May 2015

Results from Just Wake, North Region Stop 1

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The results are in from Just Wake.

Open Men
1st: Rocco Burbidge
2nd: Alex Brandwood
3rd: Martin Hawks

Mens Intermediate
1st: Michael Blackshaw
2nd: Pete Brown
3rd: Chris White
4th: Daniel Gordon

Ladies Open
1st: Emmy-Clare Johnson
2nd: Samantha Blackshaw Read more

10 May 2015

It All Starts Today! Good Luck

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The 2015 Neff Grassroots Tour starts today!
Good to luck to all the riders.
Just Wake are hosting the first stop at their beautiful park. The setup is looking lovely!

Just Wake Overview

08 May 2015

Awake Fest Prize Money & Times

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The Awake Fest is taking place at Glasfryn Wake Parc on 10th to 12th July. It is a 3 day music and wakeboarding festival and will host a stop of the Grassroots Tour and a Pro Comp with £5000 prize money.

Awake Fest Times
Friday 10th: Practice All Day
Friday 10th: 5pm to 6pm – Wall Ride Jam
Friday 10th: 7pm to 8pm – Air Trick Comp
Saturday 11th: Grassroots Tour
Sunday 12th: Awake Fest Pro Comp


Prize Money Break Down For Awake Fest

The prize money for the Awake Fest pro comp has been set. In men’s we will be paying the top 8 riders, so anyone who makes the quarter final is guaranteed at least £250. In the ladies we will be handing out £750 to first place, which we think is the biggest prize pot for females in the UK. The top 4 ladies will all get at least £100.

Friday Wall Ride Jam
3 hits per rider
Softgoods as prizes.

Friday Night Big Air
Air Tricks on the 9m high System 2.0
£10 entry
Top 2 tricks – share the prize pot

Mens Pro Comp:
1st: £1000
2nd: £750
3rd: £500
3rd: £500
5th: £250
5th: £250
5th: £250
5th: £250

Ladies Pro Comp:
1st: £750
2nd: £300
3rd: £100
4th: £100 Read more