06 Jul 2016

Welsh Open 4 Star IWWF International Comp & Glasfryn Grassroots Tour This Weekend!

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This weekend will see one of the biggest weekends of wakeboarding in the UK!
Glasfryn Wake Parc is hosting a 4Star International Ranked IWWF contest on Saturday and a stop of the Grassroots Tour on Sunday!

Saturday 8th July:
Welsh Open
4 Star International IWWF Ranked Event
£2,800 prize money
600 ranking points for first place
6 divisions

Sunday 9th July:
Grassroots Tour Stop
1st stop on the North Region of 2016 tour
Help win your park a new feature – click here for info
8 divisions

The park setup is looking so much fun and includes a number of brand new features from Industry Wake Parks.

For further info on the 4 Star IWWF Welsh Open – click here

To enter the Grassroots Tour please contact Glasfryn at:
01766 810000

Welsh Open

Glasfryn 4star pic4

16 Jun 2016

2016 Grassroots Tour Media Contest

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The Grassroots Tour Media Contest with BWSW is back and you could win £250!

It is so simple how it works.

  • You go to a stop of the Grassroots Tour, create some amazing media, this could be a selection of photos, a short video or something totally outside the box!
  • Submit your media to us by emailing it to tim@industrywakeparks.co.uk or send it to us via the Grassroots Tour Facebook page.
  • After the penultimate stop of the North and South Region, we will pick the winner for each region.
  • The winner for each region will then be paid £250 to go to the final stop of that region and create some media content for us.

Please note that we are picking a winner for the North Region and the South Region. This means that someone from the North and someone from the South will both win a £250 job to cover the final stops of each region.

Any questions please contact tim@industrywakeparks.co.uk

Mediacontest4 Read more

16 Jun 2016

Win The BOMB for your home wake park.

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The Grassroots Tour was setup and is run by Industry Wake Parks. Every year we always give away an obstacle to the wake park with the most ranking points. In 2016 we are going to give away the infamous BOMB feature, which is currently floating at Liverpool Wake Park. It is a mega fun feature, super easy to use and totally different.

The feature has a nice mellow incline which sends you onto the metal bomb! Although it is actually a drop tank from a Tornado fighter jet. In its former life it used to hang under the fighter jet and was used for reserve fuel.

We managed to get hold of this Drop Tank before it was scrapped and turned it into one of the most fun wakeboard features around.

How can you win it!

It is mega simple.
The wake park with the most ranking points at the end of the 2017 tour will win this feature.
When you enter a stop of the Grassroots Tour, you gain ranking points for yourself but also for your home wake park.
For example if you win your division at a stop, you gain 100 points for yourself and 100 points towards your home wake park. If you come 2nd, you get 80 points, etc.

We keep a running total and will keep you all informed on which wake park is leading the race.

In 2014 Just Wake won a brand new small kicker.
In 2015 North Devon Wake Park won a brand new large kicker.

Who will win the feature in 2016? Read more

15 Jun 2016

Quays Stop – Entry Details & Times

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Here is the key information you need to know for the Quays Wake & Ski stop of the Grassroots Tour, which is happening this Sunday 19th June.

Quays logo

Quays Wake & Ski


GRASSROOTS is a System 2.0 competition tour travelling around parks all over the UK. We’re hosting our stop on this Sunday 19th June 2016.


Practice starts
Each rider will take it in turns to ride 5 passes with coaching
Competition starts!
We’ll run through the categories in age order
Prize giving! Read more

12 Apr 2016

2016 Grassroots Tour Dates

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Hello Everyone

Here are the 2016 Grassroots Tour Dates.
Updated website and further info coming soon.


Ireland Region
Sat 25th June: Wake Dock
Sat 17th September: Wake Dock
Sat 1st October: Ballyhass Lakes

South Region
Sat 18th June: JB Ski
Sun 19th June: Quays Wake & Ski
Sat 2nd July: North Devon Wake Park
Sat 6th August: Hannams Wake Hub
Sat 24th September: South Coast Wake Park
Sat 1st October: Hove Lagoon Watersports

North Region
Sun 10th July: Glasfryn Wake Parc
Sat 16th July: Cliff Lakes
Sun 11th September: Wake Lake
Sat 17th September: Blackpool Wake Park
Sun 18th September: Salford Wake Park
Sat 24th September: Foxlake Adventures
Sat 8th October: Glasgow Wake Park
Sat 29th October: Liverpool Wake Park

19 Nov 2015

Ballyhass Lakes Stop Video

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Great video showing the action from the Ballyhass Lakes stop of the Neff Grassroots Tour.

29 Oct 2015

Liverpool Results

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What a great day we had at Liverpool Wake Park for the final stop of the 2015 Neff Grassroots Tour. Over 50 riders entered and here are the full results:

Junior Rookie
1st Tom Parry
2nd Lilly Holt
3rd Patrick Bent
4th Harry Kirkland
5th Sierna Skipper

Ladies Rookies
1st Lydia Lake
2nd Aimee Ward
3rd Sharron Skipper
4th Sasha Glover

Mens Rookie
1st David Knott
2nd Mikey Pinder
3rd David Simm
4th Ash Welsh
5th Scott Walklate
6th Jan Smerhovsky Read more

21 Oct 2015

Hove Lagoon Results

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Here are the full results from Hove Lagoon

1st: Ethan Chave
2nd: Aran Chave
3rd: Kiaran Chave

Junior Rookies
1st: Joe Taylor
2nd: Alexander Pritchard
3rd: Charlie Cooper
4th: Toby Rice
5th: Kiaran Chave
6th: Sirena Allen

Junior Intermediate
1st: Ethan Chave
2nd: Sam York
3rd: Aran Chave Read more

14 Oct 2015

South Coast H2o Results

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Here are all the results from South Coast H2o. Only one more stop left for this region!


1. Charlie Cooper
2. Alexandra Pritchard
3. Kairan Chave
4. Caven Bull
5. Alex Wallis
6. Jasmin Wallis
7. Josh Horner

Ladies Rookies
1. Lydia Lake
2. Mia Cooper
3. Emily Robertson

Read more

11 Oct 2015

Ballyhass Results, Final Stop of the Irish Region

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Junior Rookie
1. Oscar Eardly
2. Alec Rice
3. Jude O’Regan
4. Guilerme Rodrigues
5. Sean Eardly

Mens Rookies
1. Gavin Nolan
2. Ben O’Flynn
3. Keelan O’Sullivan
4. Kieran Healy

Junior Intermediates
1. Michael Collins
2. Ali Lynch
3. Mathew Sorensen
4. Ella Brady

Ladies Intermediate
1. Sally Gillespie
2. Niamh O’Reilly
3. Claire Lynn
4. Kate Fair
5. Cat Robertson Read more