02 Nov 2014

Results From Glasfryn Wake Parc

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Well done to all the riders who entered the Glasfryn Wake Parc stop of the 2014 Grassroots Tour. We must give a massive shout out, to the Junior Open division, every rider in this division was unreal, we wish we could have put you all on top of the podium! You all deserved to win, as all your runs where amazing for different reasons. The future of wakeboarding is in good hands with these kids!!

Mens Rookie
1st: Alfie Lofthouse
2nd: Sam Pascall
3rd: Alex Sokolovo
4th: Matt Molloy

Junior Rookie
1st: Charlie Freeborn
2nd: Ben Trumble
3rd: Edward Nightingale Read more

31 Oct 2014

Who will be the overall 2014 tour champions!

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Here are the top 10 overall rankings in the Open divisions, just before the final stop!
There is 1 stop left!
We will be crowning an overall champion in each Open division and have some sick trophies to dish out!
Non of the divisions are decided yet, so Glasfryn will be a great way to finish the 2014 tour!

Open Men
9th: Caleb Ball – 140
9th: Steve Clubb – 140
9th: Rob Wagner – 140
6th: Harley Somerville – 180
6th: David O’Caoimh – 180
6th: Jack Constable – 180
5th: Rocco Burbidge – 246
4th: Dale Crossley – 300
3rd: Andrew Aung – 305
2nd: Sam Hooper – 410
1st: Alex Brandwood – 460 Read more

27 Oct 2014

Results from Liverpool Wake Park

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Here are the full results from Liverpool Wake Park.
Well done to all the riders and staff, it was a great event with over 50 people riding!

Mens Rookies
1st: Simon Walsh
2nd: Nathan Collins
3rd: Sam Pascall
4th: Gavin Attwood
5th: Jam Shakeshaft
6th: Mark Muir
7th: David Knott
8th: Ashley Holt
9th: Michael Pinder

Junior Rookies
1st: Ben McMullen
2nd: Ben Trumble
3rd: James Wynne
4th: Charlie Freeborn
5th: Edward Nightingale
6th: Lilly Holt
7th: Samuel Joseph McCormack Read more

26 Oct 2014

Jessie’s Wake Blog visits Liverpool Stop of the GRT

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Over 53 riders entered the Liverpool Wake Park stop of the Grassroots Tour. Jessie’s Wake Blog was there to check out what happened and document some of the footage.


24 Oct 2014

Media Contest Entry from Hove Lagoon

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We really like this entry from Dan Yates for the Grassroots Tour Media Contest!
Shot and filmed at Hove Lagoon.

The Grassroots tour hit Lagoon Watersports in Hove on September 28th 2014, the tough decision was whether to ride or film. Filming the comp and getting a ride in after seemed like a good compromise, so with camera in hand and wakeboard on dock, the Grassroots comp was on.
I wanted to produce something showing the awesome day of riding but also what the Grassroots tour is about and what it’s doing for wakeboarding in the UK. Everyone threw down some sweet riding on the day so thanks to all the riders for shredding. Big thanks to Matt Crowhurst, CK Koester and Nick Coates for the interviews, and thanks to James Stuart for his additional footage.

Music : Odesza – Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Hermitude Remix)
Produced, Shot & Edited by Dan Yates from Cloudbreak Creative.
Additional footage : James Stuart.

20 Oct 2014

Results from Foxlake stop of the GRT

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The sun was out in full force for the Foxlake stop of the Grassroots Tour. Many thanks to all the staff at Foxlake and riders who entered for a great weekend.

Junior Rookie
1st: Bea Woodburn
2nd: Pete Bain
3rd: Christie McLeman

Junior Intermediate
1st: Callum Warring
2nd: Max Rae
3rd: Max Barbour
4th: Matt Chislom
5th: Amy French
6th: Eva Lang

Mens Rookie
1st: Mark Mitchell Read more

20 Oct 2014

Video from Ballyhass stop

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Ballyhass Lakes hosted one of the best stops yet on the Grassroots Tour. Check out the video to see the highlights.

Grassroots Tour 2014 Ballyhass Wakepark from Ballyhass Lakes on Vimeo.

19 Oct 2014

Ballyhass report & video

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Stop 16 of the GRT took us across the pond to the beautiful Ballyhass just outside Cork, Ireland.

Ballyhass lakes is relatively new to the world of wakeboarding but has been an existing outdoor activity centre for some years now. Adding a couple of Sesitec 2 tower cable to the centre was a natural progression and has already brought a mini community together of the local boat riders and newly found cable riders in the area.

Competition day:

With a good contingency making the trip down from the host site of stop one, Wake Dock in Dublin and various other riders from the thriving boat scene Ireland has to offer, we were in for a ‘savage’ day!

Things kicked off bright and early at 8:30 with the Ballyhass lakes staff taking to the water and getting their final practice laps in before their first competition. Heaps of people rolled in to check out the action, by 3pm the perimeter of the quarry was full of spectators.

It was a classic mix of sun, heavy rain, wind and hail which we all know and love but with Mike Lacey on hand from Monster Energy Ireland we were kept dry with some lovely marquees and enough Monster to keep us going until dusk. Read more

11 Oct 2014

Results from Ballyhass Lakes, stop of the Ireland Region

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Here are the full results from stop 2 of the Irish Region, hosted at Ballyhass Lakes.

Mens Rookie
1st: Patrick Collins
2nd: Richard Eardley
3rd: Daniel Greene
4th: Kieran Healey
5th: Craig O’Sullen

Mens Intermediate:
1st: Brian Kavanagh
2nd: Gary O’Donoghue
3rd: Callum Hallinan
4th: Paul Harte
5th: Darren Kirwan
6th: David Suchonoiski
7th: Conor Keane Kennedy
8th: Connor Luke
9th: Conor Bredin
10th: Will Joyle
11th: Taran Kelly
12th: James Jones
13th: Michael Clarke Read more

11 Oct 2014

Results from Hove Lagoon, Final Stop of London & South Region

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Here are the full results from the Hove Lagoon stop. This was the final stop of the London & South Region.

Congratulations to all the riders who entered.

Mens Rookie
1st: Ben Watson
2nd: Mark Muir
3rd: Brendan Thomson
4th: Mark Shelvey

Mens Intermediate
1st: Zac Charulumbacs
2nd: Craig Smart
3rd: Alex Mason
4th: Samuel Lorenz
5th: Stefan Neale
6th: Curtis Quinton
7th: Sam Man
8th: Kyle Greenwood
9th: James Chisholm

Mens Open
1st: Dale Crossley
2nd: Robert Wagner
3rd: Steve Clubb
4th: Andrew Aung
5th: Caleb Ball Read more